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Learning Schedule & Fees

Introductory Sessions

Instruction in the Creighton Model FertilityCare System begins with an Introductory Session. The informational presentation provides a basic review of reproductive anatomy and physiology and highlights the various uses and applications of the Creighton Model. If a couple or woman chooses to learn the method they will leave the Introductory Session with their client materials and begin charting immediately. Introductory Sessions are free and are held upon request.


Follow-Up Sessions

The follow-up sessions are where the true learning takes place and the system can be tailor-made to fit the needs of the individual woman or couple. This private, confidential instruction is one-on-one with the FertilityCare Practitioner and the woman or couple. These sessions follow a prescribed schedule proven to bring the highest level of learning. The follow-up sessions are held according to the below schedule, each bullet point referring to time since the Introductory Session:


  • First follow-up: 2 weeks

  • Second follow-up: 4 weeks

  • Third follow-up: 6 weeks

  • Fourth follow-up: 8 weeks

  • Fifth follow-up: 3 months

  • Sixth follow-up: 6 months

  • Seventh follow-up: 9 months

  • Eighth follow-up: 12 months



This schedule is occasionally adapted for special circumstances. After the first year of learning, long-term follow-ups are scheduled every six months to a year.


Client Fees

Full of Grace FertilityCare's fee structure is established by the Diocese of Salina FertilityCare Services Center and is based on a sliding fee scale considering income and family size. While this structure has been established, no one is ever refused because of an inability to pay.


  • Introductory Session: free

  • Introductory Client Materials: $35 (user manual, chart, and stamp packet)

  • User Picture Dictionary: $20 (required for virtual clients)

  • Follow-up Sessions: $10-$50/session based on the sliding fee scale and determined upon program entry

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